Lucky #7

Ask anyone who knows me, and they will tell you that I am definitely not one to brag about my accomplishments. For the most part, I feel embarrassed if I am praised for something I have done. It’s hard for me to tell others about something I am proud of. Since there is always someone else who has done the same, I don’t feel it’s necessary to point it out. Doing well is not good enough for me; it’s only worth praising if and when I’m the best, if I’m the only one in the world who has done it. For something to be an accomplishment, it has to be BIG and unique.

When I finished my first book, “Restricted,” I was asked about how I felt about being an author and writing an entire book. I said that many people have written books, and I am not special because mine is just one book out of millions. And although I was a bit proud of myself for writing 200+ pages, I didn’t want to seem arrogant. I didn’t want to rub it in people’s faces and tell them to read it. I’m sure I could’ve had a lot more sales by now if I actually promoted, but my fear of annoying others seems more important than possible income.

However, when I checked my sales earlier, I was surprised to find that my book is (at this moment) #7 on the Amazon Kindle Bestsellers in Eating Disorders list.


It’s just behind Evelyn Tribole’s popular “Intuitive Eating” and a few places ahead of well-known Jenni Schaefer’s “Life Without Ed.” My book is ahead of Jenni Schaefer’s? No way! I’m going to take this moment and be happy for what I’ve done. There are many thoughts in my head that completely dispute every reason of why I am allowed to be proud, but I will try to let them float away.


3 thoughts on “Lucky #7

  1. Oh, dear! I’m surprised you don’t have any comments at this point. You’ve written a book? That’s amazing (especially for someone struggling with an eating disorder!), and don’t tell yourself it’s anything less than that, because I’m sure you don’t want negative thinking in your recovery. 🙂

    But about feeling embarrassed about accomplishments: I can absolutely relate. I’d suggest watching some of Brene Brown’s speeches about shame. There are some on YouTube, and she even has a TED talk.

    Bah. I still can’t get over the fact that you’ve written a book!

  2. Thanks for the comment(s) – I definitely appreciate the support! I think it may be hard for most people to be proud of their accomplishments…or maybe it’s only the people I know.

    INFJ’s are apparently the rarest (or one of the rarest) personality type. We’re supposedly a very unique and complicated type, but that’s what I like about it! We’re not complicated; the rest of the world is just too simple. 😉

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