The Power of Words

Wording can be changed in your thinking, too. “My day is ruined!” and “It’s okay, I won’t let this destroy my day.” are both responses to the same situation. You may guess which one works better. (Hint: Not the first one!)


Love Your Body. Love Yourself.

I’ve been told many times that body image is the last thing to┬áchange when it comes to recovery. Body image problems don’t start at the┬ábeginning of an eating disorder, so it’s no surprise that it doesn’t end when symptoms are no longer a problem. We develop our body image very early in life and it continues to develop through the years. My earliest memory concerning my body is when I was only three years old. I specifically remember worrying that I was fat, although, I’m not sure how a toddler knows exactly what “fat” means. Family, Continue reading